Thursday, December 14, 2006

History Bead Trading Company - Oakland

While traipsing through Oakland last week, I stopped very briefly at History Bead Trading Company (site is "under construction" but I hope something appears soon). I don't bead, but I love to look at all the styles and I love how the beads are arranged in shops. Like looking at a faceted rainbow. I was only in there a moment but I did purchase a handful of cheap plastic beads from the vending machine in the photo.

The handful costs 25¢ and the sign on the machine says "All Proceeds Benifit [sic] Alternative Directions a Non-Profit That Helps Battered Women." I didn't find a website for Alternative Directions, but I didn't expect to because these places usually try to keep a low profile so they don't attract the very evil they work to eliminate, but I think it is on the up and up.

There are some completed earrings and necklaces in the shop, as well as loose beads and such. I wish they had clip-on earrings because I haven't had pierced ears in many years, but I do like to wear earrings on special occasions.

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Allison said...

Hi, I know this is from ages ago, but I want you to know that they do have clip-ons that you can make (with the same materials as the regular earrings), as well as exchange the hooks for clip-ons for a previously made pair. Good luck!